A little bit of happiness. That’s exactly what I need. First things first, I don’t want people looking at me like a little kid anymore. I’m turning 11 years old on June 28th. I am not a little girl anymore. My three main blog friends are Nancy Drew, Kyla Wallace, and Faith H. They’re around the age group of tween, why can’t I be? I’m thinking about creating a new blog; Forever Young Girls. I want tween and early teen girls to find out about it. That’s the point of  the site; what us “young girls” are really thinking and feeling. I’m not sure about the “book on my blog” anymore. I think I’ll have to pass on that one. I don’t really have the time for that anymore. I’m sorry.

Next up; my brother. He is the most annoying little brother. In the history. Of little brothers. He won’t – and I’m not sure if he actually can – sit still. He definitely will not act anywhere near good. And there is no such thing as him cleaning out his mouth. Not like that. He just says bad words (a.k.a. “curse words”). I just want my little siblings to stop beating me down and start helping me stand back up.

Lastly, I want things. Like a kitten.


That would be great.                               SO CUTE, isn’t it? 😉

Or, the other thing I want. 1 year star VIP on moviestarplanet.com. I don’t think I’ll get that one. It is $70. o-o Okay, maybe I’m definitely not getting that one. Ever. Anyways, I also want/need some new clothes; I just got rid of a whole trash bag FULL of clothes. Yeah. It’s true. I totally did. e.e

In conclusion, I really feel like I need more love. Yes, love. I need it. My family doesn’t understand, or, maybe I just don’t tell them. What should I do? I don’t know so I need you to tell me. Please?

Maybe I should go to the beach.

18872-colorful-sunset-over-the-ocean        Maybe I should go to the beach.

Or, maybe, I need to rethink that. That might just turn into a disaster. Never mind. 😦

<3Love<3, MaryLouise