“The rain,” Tyler says.

Josh nods, slowly.

“It’s like…” Tyler pauses, searching for the word.

“Crisper,” Josh says.


My name’s a figure metaphorically representing ones facial features, representing someone’s “double sided” personality and I care what you think. (i’m sorry)


I am complete band trash treasure. Trashy treasure. That works.

But really, all I ever have going on in my head is a bunch of random song lyrics and stuff.

This whole post is just me talking about music and fanfic.


I keep reading Joshler fanfic and then regret it so much after I finish it.

First Josh wasn’t real, but now Tyler isn’t either…

I read the forest fic about two months ago (i don’t remember when) and now I just read the migraine fic. That was probably not a good idea.

I’m scared. No- I’m T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D. (i’m so sorry, please don’t hurt me xD)

I want to read the milk fic (Ryden / Ryan Ross × Brendon Urie), but I’m terrified (i should stop now). Has anyone else read it, and if so how bad is it? I’ll probably read it in like, a week or so.


Okay, I’m actually running out of post ideas. This was way too short. I know I said I’d do a “what I got for my birthday” post, and I will! I’m going to do that soon, I promise.

Suggest post ideas in the comments!


Stay sad, but not too sad.

ML ♡