I know I took way too long to write and publish this but I’ve been packing and sorting because (*hopefully*) I’ll be moving soon. I don’t know. 

Alright, let’s do this! (I sound way too excited about this xD) 

By the way, these questions were all asked by Amber (it won’t let me put a link). Thank you Amber, for asking questions. And whatever the opposite of thank you is to the rest of my followers for not asking any questions at all. 

(I’m answering all of Amber’s questions, even the ones from the first q&a post that I deleted accidentally)

Do you watch Markiplier or Jacksepticeye? Who’s your favorite?

Actually, I don’t watch either of them, but I’ve heard a lot about them.

Do you like Avengers/Marvel? If so, who’s your favorite?
Spiderman. xP

Pokemon? Favorite?

I actually don’t know what the heck Pokemon is, and I’ve been confused about that my whole life. I’ve heard tons about it, but I still don’t understand. (I know I’m boring, smh)

Favorite place to go?

I’m torn between Hot Topic and North Carolina. xD

Favorite pass-time?

Listening to music and going on pinterest.

Any OC’s?

Quick question- what’s an OC? I have no idea what that means. If you can tell me what that is then I’ll answer this question in the comments. 

Do you watch animated memes?

No, I’m not sure what that is. (wow, I live under a rock)

What’s your zodiac?

Cancer ( June 28 ) ♋

Favorite color?

Let’s see… black, blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, silver, gold, and grey. (I honestly can’t choose just one)

Favorite song?

My favorite song is always changing, but right now it’s Alone Together by Fall Out Boy, Girls/Girls/Boys & Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by Panic! At The Disco, Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low, and every twenty one pilots song ever. (It will probably change again soon)

Favorite font?

I don’t really have one to be honest. xD

Favorite online/video game?

I don’t really play online games, and I don’t play many different video games because I suck. Minecraft (ps4 edition), Animal Crossing – New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS), and the original Mario Bros game (Wii  <- yes, I have one of those. shocking.)

Favorite non-screen passtime?

Drawing or reading.

Favorite book?

Do you mean books, as in tangible books with actual pages, or online books? Twelve by Lauren Myracle, the bully joshler fic and the forest fic (yes, I also read fan-fiction. *comment if you read the forest fic too, and how bad it messed you up.* I’m still recovering; it’s been over a month and a half.)

DC or Marvel?


Favorite superhero?

Batman for sure.

Favorite Youtuber?

Oh gosh, I have so many. xD I’ll list a few:

  • Social Repose (Richie)
  • Jaclyn Glenn 
  • Christian DelGrosso and Kristen McGowan
  • Reaction/Game Time
  • my names blurryface and i care what you think 
  • Glam&Gore 

Okay, that was a little more than a few… oops.

Red, blue, or pink?

All three! I can’t choose.

What’s your thought on Fidget Spinners?

I want one!! No but really, I actually want one. xD It’s a good idea for autistic/ADD/ADHD kids, but now everyone has one. (except for me xD)

Have you listened to Set It Off and/or Bastille? Favorite song by them?

I did hear one Bastille song (I forgot the name) when it played all over the radio. I’ve never heard Set It Off.

Favorite online artist?

uhm… not really xD

Do you have a BFF you hope to meet IRL someday?

I’d actually like to meet some of my followers in real life. It’s nice interacting online and all, but I want to see you guys in real life! To see your faces and talk to you with my actual voice would be amazing. ❤
Once again, thank you for your questions Amber! I enjoyed answering them. 🙂

More Posts soon, I promise!

Stay Alive,