Ah, how I love my life. :’)

It’s *so* wonderful. 


Isn’t it just fantastic when you’re obsessed with something, and your parents don’t understand, so they make fun of it? My parents do that to me with twenty øne piløts. 

Yesterday, my Mom was listening to Pandora, and heard a Twenty Øne Piløts song (The Run and Go), so she me asked what the heck she was listening to. I was probably 34 different shades of red by the time she walked into my room, since I could hear it playing on her phone from the hallway. She called it, “crazy psychotic clown music.” I love my Mom. 


I really hate my brother. I know that sounds mean, but he is so annoying. All he ever does is annoy me and my sister. Not to mention he’s driving my parents crazy. He just doesn’t listen to anything, and I don’t know what to do about it.


I haven’t been posting about much recently, mostly because I’m busy with an art project (sort of). I’m drawing pictures for each twenty øne piløts album. Basically, I take one line from each song off of one of the albums (whichever one the picture is based off of), and then draw little scribbles and designs around them. I already have 3/4 finished, so one more and I’ll be done. I’ll show you guys when I finish. 

Also, should I do a post on what I got for my birthday? I know it’s been over a week since my birthday, but I just wanted to ask. Tell me if you want one and I’ll try to do that soon. 


Song of the day (why not): Ode to Sleep by Twenty Øne Piløts 

Question of the day: What is your least favorite food, and why? I hate bananas, and I’m not sure why. They just don’t taste right to me. 
♡ Mary Louise