Today, my Mom and I dyed our hair. (Meaning she did it all.) She has green and blue hair, and mine was supposed to be blue. 

Well, it’s not exactly blue…

It’s freaking green. Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be?

That doesn’t mean I don’t still like it, but it was supposed to be blue. I wanted blue hair. ;-;

Maybe it’s just my hair, or maybe it is the dye, but this definitely didn’t turn out as planned. 

This is my first time getting my hair dyed, so I didn’t expect it to be perfect. My Mom said she had never heard of the brand we used, so she didn’t know how it would turn out. The brand is ion, and I’m actually kind of happy we used it, because of this picture of Jenna Joseph.

I idolize her. ♡


Anyways, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not really that excited to be honest. My Dad is out of town for work, I don’t know if my grandfather is visiting or not, and I have on and off depressing moments. Like one minute I’m fine, and then I start thinking about everything, and I feel depressed all-of-a-sudden. It’s weird.

Well, I’m done with my rant about hair dye. 

Now let’s talk about Twenty Øne Piløts! No seriously, the Blurryface era just ended. I’m so upset, but excited at the same time. I’m not really sure about when the next album is coming out, but I’ve heard a few rumors. So either it will come out really soon, or (I think) in November. At least from what I’ve heard.

Stay street, stay alive |-/