My last birthday post:

I decided to do a more specific list of things I want for my birthday, because my last one wasn’t very descriptive, and I added a few more specific things to my list. 

Also, the links under each thing are not in any specific order, and all prices are in US dollars.

1. Twenty Øne Piløts merch (13):

2. Melanie Martinez merch (6):

3. A Laptop 

  • Any brand/style recommendations? Let me know in the comments! 

4. An Acoustic Guitar and A Ukulele

  • I have wanted a guitar for about a year now, and I just recently decided that I want a ukulele. (My parents are going to give me weird looks when I ask for ask ukulele)

5. A Kitten 

  • Okay, this one is not happening (yet). Maybe after we move. I don’t know.

That’s all I have on my list right now, but I doubt I’ll actually get any of it.