I have the Pinterest app on my tablet, and I’ve been pinning things like crazy. It’s honestly a great time killer. But I also have this wonderful board called “Twenty øne piløts,” and it’s got some great stuff on it…

849 great things, to be exact. 

Heheheh. Oops?

Well, not to mention my feed, which looks great by the way.

Well, except for that one picture of Melanie, this is all Twenty One Pilots. I’m not really sure I should say oops for this. This is a masterpiece to be honest. Do you know how long it took me do make this happen? 😂

Oh, and my notifications.

  Is this a pun?! 

And then, I see ads like this-

 What the heck?? (Kitchen Sink visit a tøp song.)

Stay Alive |-/