If you’ve read my last several posts, you probably know how obsessed with Twenty Øne Piløts I am. I have literally sold my soul. I usually don’t do this kind of stuff. (Well, actually… If you leave out the Crybaby obsession…and the AMITW obsession…then this statement would be true.) Okay, so I do usually do this stuff. But never this badly. Trust me, my Melanie Martinez and Andrew McMahon obsessions (I have used the hell out of this word, trust me, I know) were nothing compared to this. I didn’t give away my heart and soul to Melanie Martinez or Andrew McMahon. Not in this way.

Back to the point (if you actually read all that). 

I am an artist. Whether it be through music, drawings, paintings, or writing, it’s art. I take pride in that, actually, because to know that there is a way to express myself and my emotions through something other than words is honestly amazing. And that’s what all of this is about. 

Artøpia was an event for artists to gather in one arena/stadium and display their art. These artists specifically being members of The Skeleton Clique (the Twenty Øne Piløts fan base), gathered together to share and compare their artwork based on this band we all love. 

The event was held in Columbus, Ohio, at the Nationwide Arena. I, unfortunately, could not be there. But, I did watch the live stream straight from their website. 

Of course, as soon as I told my Mom about it earlier today, my exact words being, “Oh yeah, that art thing is today”, she was all like “Oh, I forgot! Let’s send them your drawings!” (not her exact words, but close enough). And me being the emotional person I am, almost cried. I was so embarrassed. Mostly because my pictures suck. My Mom says my pictures are ‘so great,’ but I don’t believe it. And guess what! My Mom doesn’t even listen to Twenty Øne Piløts! She think it’s some stupid phase and I’ll get over it in a week. Well guess what Mom! Not happening.

I mean, seriously, look at this crap (I accidentally uploaded a photo of Josh Dun first OoPS)-

This one represents their four albums they’ve released so far, and some song lyrics/drawings.

This is dedicated to their song Tear In My Heart. I’m not sure if you can see it very well, but all those weird symbols mean hello in Korean.

This is personally my favorite, because it represents both the Clique and the song Fairly Local. “The world around us is burning but we’re so cold, it’s the few, the proud, the emotional”.

This was made for the song Lovely, from their album Regional at Best. It’s very messy, but it does look a little better in this picture.

This is for the Twenty Øne Piløts symbol ( |-/ ), and I included lyrics inside the biggest symbol.

And lastly, my most favorite piece includes many lyrics from a lot of their songs, and small doodles/scribbles to go along with the words.

It’s really bad. It could be so much better. All but, like, two or three pictures I saw today on the livestream weren’t completely perfect. The rest were great.

And, my Mom picked the worst pictures I drew to scan and upload onto the computer. Like, seriously. I understand she wants me to participate in more social and interactive events, but this is not the way. Not to hate on myself, but my artwork is nowhere near as good as what I saw today. I get it, masterpieces take time, but I’m really impatient. 

And what made all this even worse is that at the very end of the event, Tyler and Josh were there. Yes, you just read that.

Tyler and Josh showed up to celebrate the first ever Artøpia, and took pictures with fans. (You only would’ve gotten a few seconds, but still.) YOU GET TO FREAKING HUG AND TAKE PICTURES WITH TYLER ROBERT JOSEPH AND JOSHUA WILLIAM DUN!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU NOT BE HAPPY ANYWAY?


I just can’t believe that they were actually there. They have two shows on the 24th and the 25th to end the Tour de Columbus / Emotional Roadshow tour. Like seriously, they actually showed up. My idols were there, and I wasn’t. How awesome (and kinda sad) is that?!?!

Well, I’ll just be hiding in a dark corner, crying.

If you want any other details, just ask in the comments.

Stay Alive. |-/