Before I start with the list, I want to apologize for my absence. I needed a break. I’ve been going through a lot of stress and depression lately, and I had nothing to write about. 

Anyways, I’m turning twelve at the end of June. πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Usually, I don’t feel any older when my birthday rolls around. But this year, I think things will be different.

And, update! Sometime this month I’m going to dye the tips of my hair. (About half of it.) I’m either going to do Red or Dark Blue. I like both colors, but they each have specific meanings behind them (that only I will ever know): 

Dark Blue πŸ’™

For me, this color will remind me of the song, “Dark Blue,” by Jack’s Mannequin, my love for Andrew McMahon, and my love for music in general. It will also represent healing, since I’ve been healing from depression and anxiety. 

Red ❀

Red will show my love for Twenty ΓΈne pilΓΈts, my new favorite band. The color will also represent fighting, since I’ve been fighting depression and anxiety. (And it will look great with any tΓΈp merchandise. πŸ˜‰)

Tell me what color you think I should do my hair in the comments!

Here are a few things I want for my birthday… 

1. Any Twenty ΓΈne pilΓΈts merch. |-/ πŸ’€

From backpacks to rubber bracelets, I’ll take whatever I can get! Even if it isn’t the $20 or $30 t-shirt I’ve been wanting forever, I think I’ll be okay. You’ll find the Official TØP Store here.

2. Any Melanie Martinez merch. 🍼πŸͺπŸ’§

She recently got new merch, such as, a Pity Party puzzle, posters, and a Dollhouse snowglobe. Of course, I want them all. Check out the Official Crybaby merch here

3. A laptop. πŸ’»

I love to write stories, but if I write for too long, I’ll get a cramp in my hand and a blister on my finger. So, a laptop computer would help a lot. It would help with my writing, my schoolwork, storing pictures, posting on my blog, and plenty of other things. 

4. A smartphone. πŸ“±

I know my Dad isn’t going to get me one, but I would like to have one. I have a tablet, but it’s about the size of two smartphones. It’s tiny. When I asked for a tablet for Christmas, this is not what I was expecting. (I still love it, it’s just really small.)

5. All new clothes. πŸ‘•πŸ‘–

Yes, I hate almost everything in my closet. If I had about $200 dollars to spend on clothes, I’d be in Hot Topic pretty much raiding the place. 

6. A kitten. 😸

I’ve wanted a kitten ever since Lucy, a cat my Mom’s friend had given to her a long time ago, died. Though my parents don’t believe me, I would take care of it. I just need a companion to be there for me, and if I raised the kitten, then it would love me. Tell me if you have/had a cat in the comments. 

7. A bunny. 🐰

Bunnies are so cute, and so sweet. I held one at a petting zoo once, and it was totally calm, and really soft. I’ve wanted to adopt one for so long. Tell me if you have/had a bunny in the comments. 

8. A guitar and a ukulele. 🎸

I’ve wanted a guitar for quite a while now, but I just recently realized that I want a ukulele. The reason I want a ukulele is pretty much only because Tyler Joseph plays one. But, I think I’d enjoy learning how to play one. 


Well that’s all I want for my birthday. Is that too much? I’m hoping I’ll get most of the things on my list, plus I have an Andrew McMahon t-shirt on the way in the mail! It’s not necessarily a birthday present, but I’m still excited. 

And, I didn’t put this on the list, but I really want to see Twenty ΓΈne pilΓΈts in concert… They’re playing in Delaware on June 16th, but the tickets are really expensive. Not kidding, I sat and cried because I know I can’t go see them. Plus, it’s the last accessible concert on the Emotional Roadshow tour. 😳

Tell me what color I should dye my hair in the comments! 


ML β™‘