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Well holo everyone, it’s me Cristine again. Wait, wrong intro.

 This is awkward…



Hey guys! I’ve been watching a LOT of YouTube videos recently, so I thought why not tell you guys about what I’m watching? 

Also, these are YouTubers that do vlogs (video blogs) and random videos, some have to do with music, but they aren’t official music channels. Anyways, let’s get on with the post!

I’ve decided to share with you today, 8 of my favorite YouTubers! 

1. Chris And Kris (Vlogs) 

This cute and crazy couple have separate channels of their own (Christian DelGrosso and Kristen McGowan) and are both fun, silly, and absolutely hilarious! They live in LA and just moved into a new house.

2. Simply Nailogical

Well holo everyone, it’s Cristine again! Cristine is funny, predictable, and the queen of holo. Cristine has two cars (Menchie and Zyler), and her boyfriend Ben. She lives in Canada, and she even has her own merch. Buy it quickly before it’s gone! 

3. Christian DelGrosso 

Christian is definitely one of the funniest YouTubers I watch. He lives in LA with his girlfriend Kristen, and their kitten Stew. 

4. Reaction Time 

Tal does all kinds of random reaction videos (hence the name; reaction time). From videos proving that our lives are a lie, to reading creepy chat histories, Tal’s videos are all hilarious! He also just got brand new merch as well. Go check it out! 

5. ava / piinksparkles0818

Ava started out on YouTube by making Literally My Life, a moviestarplanet series. As the series grew, Ava kept getting more and more views. The series ended at nine seasons, and Ava began making vlogs. Ava is 15 (she’ll be 16 in September (?)) and she uploads videos whenever she feels like it.

(It took me forever to find her profile picture on Google)

6. Mel’s Corner

If it has to do with Melanie Martinez, then you’ll find it at Mel’s Corner! Bryan is a huge crybaby, and he makes videos about everything and anything Melanie Martinez. 

(This is the best profile picture I could find.)

7. MyLifeAsEva

Eva is silly, pretty, and totally random! She also has a vlog channel called VLOGTOWSKI. 

8. Torri Ellette

I just recently subbed to Torri, but I love her videos! She has a funny sense of humor, and she’s totally gorgeous. I recommend checking out her channel!

Those were 8 of my favorite YouTubers! Tell if you watch YouTube, and who your favorite YouTubers are in the comments! 

Peace out! ✌