*This is a scheduled post.*

I was tagged by Rachel Vincent to do the Describe The Days of The Week Tag! Thank you Rachel! 

So, from what I’ve gathered so far, all I have to do is describe every day of the week as a person. I’m going to make all of mine girls, not to be sexist, but I think it easier for me to do girls. Also, I’m going to start with Monday, so hopefully that should make it easier too. 

Here we go!


A lonely, dark-haired girl, who passes on hate and judgement to others. Her eyes are deceiving and deadly. She decides how the rest of the week will be.


A hazel-eyed, dirty blonde haired girl, who finds hope in everything she does, hoping for a better week than Monday has planned. 


Though everyone spells her name wrong, she still powers through. She has light-brown/mustard hair and pale green eyes. She wishes she wasn’t in everybody’s way all of the time.


Always on the go, Thursday loves new adventures. Whether it’s mountain climbing, swimming with sharks, or shoe shopping for the next trip, you’ll never find her resting! Thursday has orange eyes and brown/gold hair. 


Ah, Friday. That relaxing feeling of almost being over and done with the week. Friday is a brunette with yellow/green eyes that has golden sparkles hidden around the pupil. 


The most popular and most loved day of the week shines in the spotlight, and is praised for her beauty. Saturday has golden brown hair that glows in the light, and one pale green eye, and one blue.


Always sending love to the world, Sunday rests most of the day. Though Monday usually sends trouble around, Sunday tries to convince her not to. She has yellow-blonde hair and light brown eyes. 
Look out for new posts! I’ll be sure to post a few more posts within the next few days!