The day before yesterday was Melanie Martinez’s 22nd Birthday! (April 28th)

As I’m sure most of my followers know, I’m a huge fan of Melanie. I feel really bad for not posting this on her birthday, but I had my hands full trying to create some decent fan art, and my Dad just came home from work for the weekend. 

So, in honor of Melanie’s birthday, I present to you some terrible fan art. πŸ˜‰

What I wanted to do first was find a super cute picture of Melanie on Google, and draw it. Here’s the photo I tried to draw (I took a screenshot on my tablet):

Then, I cropped it:

And then I started drawing…

This is the basic outline of her head that I drew first:

Here’s what I got when I finished the hair:

When I finished the eyebrows and nose:

After a few touch-ups:

And the result! It’s bad, I know:

Oh well. :\

A second attempt at some decent fan art:

Here’s the original picture of what I was trying to draw:

They both turned out pretty bad, but whatever. 
Here’s some more fan art I found on Google that is amazing!!

I’m not sure exactly who created these, but they’re awesome. Credits to the original creators!

And of course, here are some gorgeous photos of Melanie I found from Google. 😘

She’s so pretty. 😊

Happy birthday Mel!