What I’m NOT:

  1. I’m NOT a Christian. I’m tired of being told that I should believe in God. If you are a Christian, then I’m going to respect you as a person, not for your religion. And if you’re a good Christian, then you shouldn’t be trying to make me someone else. 
  2. I’m NOT always a nice person. Just because I actually like such a great person online, doesn’t mean I’m always so cheerful in real life. Yes, if I met up with an online friend or follower I would probably hug you and then sit and talk for a little bit. While I might be so happy and excited, I’m not always like that.
  3. I’m NOT considered a “normal person”. I’m weird, different, and I guess I should probably say creative to be honest. A lot of the people in the world are the same. I honestly have no clue why people all want to be the same. I’m fine with being different. In fact, I actually enjoy having some creativity. 
  4. I’m NOT a kid. I hate when people say I’m still a kid. If you saw me in real life and guessed my age, you would most likely say somewhere in between 12-15. Usually ages 12-15 aren’t still considered kids.
  5. I’m NOT a supporter of Donald Trump. He is a fat, racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant, rapist pig, who does not deserve to be the 45th president. Need I say more? 

    What I AM:

    1. I AM a supporter of homosexuality. I support Bisexuality, Pansexuality, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Drag. I believe that people should be allowed to love whoever you like, no matter what gender. For example, if I liked girls, that would automatically be wrong. Which, to me, is tremendously stupid. 
    2. I AM my own person. Just because I’m not exactly considered an adult yet, doesn’t mean I’m incapable of speaking for myself. I swear, I’m sick of this. My Dad thinks that I can’t be my own person yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m capable. 
    3. I AM an artistic mind. I come up with the weirdest ideas, and they almost always turn out even weirder. I am almost constantly creating art. Like recently I’ve been drawing pictures dedicated to songs I love. (There will be a post about that later.)

    Until Next Time ♡