Every day, I feel different. Some days I want to wear certain things, and some days I listen to different music. Sometimes, I look at the world differently than I did the day before. I am constantly changing my preferences. 

Is that normal?

I mean, of course, people change. But I go from one thing to the next, on and on. Remember when I was so obsessed with Melanie Martinez? I still love her, but now I’m completely obsessed with Andrew McMahon.

Ever since the concert two days ago, his music literally all I’ve listened to. 

Today, he’s playing in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, I won’t be there tonight, even though I would enjoy it as much as the last one. 

To be honest, I want to go to every concert he is going to play on his upcoming tour dates. 

Well, I’ll work on it. 😕

Today’s Quote:

“Imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul.”

Xoxo, ML ♡