Heyyy! Last night I was at the Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness (AMITW) concert, and it was FABULOUS!! 😀
A Few Things I Have to Say Before I Begin Writing:

  • This was at the Music Farm in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • This was an indoor concert.
  • There were two opening bands, and then the main artist. 
  • This happened on April 17th, 2017 from 7pm – 11pm.
  • There was one encore. 
  • Andrew McMahon had cancer in June 2005, and battled until he recovered. Once he won against the cancer, he started a foundation called ‘Dear Jack’ to help people ages 15-39 with battling cancer. 
  • Andrew McMahon was in two bands: Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. Then he started doing solo music as just Andrew McMahon.

My Mom and I got ready, and we left. I was literally shaking through the whole entire car ride. We finally got to the Music Farm, and got inside. 

The doors opened at 6pm, and the concert started at 7pm. The two opening bands were Night Riots and Atlas Genius. I really enjoyed Night Riots, and Atlas Genius was alright. By the time they both got done, it was about 9pm, and I thought I was deaf. I was really ready for Andrew McMahon to play, but I tried to be patient. 

When Andrew McMahon came on stage, the first song he played was Fire Escape (one of my personal favorites), and I sang along with every word. I’m pretty sure my Mom did too. 😂

I sang along with all of the songs I knew, and danced around for the rest. 

Then, he brought out his huge inflatable rubber duck, got inside it, and crowd-surfed around the Music Farm about half way. After a couple more song, he lectured the crowd and told them that he was going to go all the way around the crowd. He got all the way through the Music Farm in his duck.

It was awesome! 😙

Here are some more concert photos:

Crap, they’re all blurry. 😡

Well, here’s what he looks like.⬇

Honestly, the concert was amazing. He had a whole setup on top of his piano. He stood on top of his piano a few times, and jumped off with a perfect landing every time. 

He brought his inflatable duck, he talked to the crowd, he jumped all over the stage, he threw a huge rainbow parachute over the crowd, and dumped confetti all over the Music Farm at the end. 

When the concert ended, I grabbed a handful of confetti, and my Mom found a dollar bill on the floor. After the show, my Mom and I walked outside around the building, and we realized he was standing right outside the building. We stood in a line and then got pictures with him. We asked if he would autograph the dollar bill, and he did. 

Hopefully my Mom and I can order t-shirts and posters. If we do, I either want this shirt;

Or this one;

Or maybe this one;

I don’t know. 😕


It was an awesome experience, and I really want to see him again. 😊

Also, before I forget, I’m going to start doing daily quotes and giving out shoutouts in some of my posts. 

Today’s quote: 

“The most memorable people in your life are the ones that love you even when you aren’t very loveable.”

Todays shoutout goes to: Cheshirethefox!
Xoxo, ML