Hey guys! Over the weekend, a lot happened. And I mean a lot.

Every year at Earth Day (or the week before), my family and I go to the Earth Day festival. And every year it’s freaking hot outside, and we never get there early enough. Of course, I can’t stand being in the hot heat, so I’m almost always miserable. 

So on Saturday, we were at the Earth Day festival in Charleston, South Carolina. If you saw me there, I probably didn’t recognize you, so tell me if you were there in the comments. 👍

But instead of being at the Chainsmokers concert, we were there. 😡

Of course they were playing yesterday, and of course we couldn’t go. Which made me so mad, of course. 

But, my Dad is making up for it. (More about that later⬇)

Anyways, yesterday was Easter Sunday. Happy late Easter! Since I’m not a Christian, I only celebrate Easter for the candy. Sorry. 

Now more about my Dad making up for missing The Chainsmokers concert..

Tonight is the Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness concert. And my Mom and I are going!

I’m so excited to see him, but I’m really nervous too!!

Tell me what concerts you’ve been to in the comments! 

Xoxo, ML ♡ 

(P.S. I’ll write a post about the concert soon!)