I know most 11 year old girls don’t play with their dolls anymore, but I still love dolls as much as I did when I was younger. Well, maybe not as much, but I still love them. All credits go to the original owners! You did awesome!

1. This Alphabet Boy re-paint doll was done perfectly. She has all her tattoos, the same hair/outfit, and the same makeup as in the Alphabet Boy music video. She looks fabulous! Definitely my favorite. ♡

2. I never thought I would see a Soap re-paint doll, but I found it! Her tattoos, makeup, hair, outfit, and pose are perfect! This is amazing!

3. Okay, I know. This is getting out of hand. But just look at the differences. Wait… there are none. 

4. This is creepy, yet so fabulous! Positive feedback to the creator!

5. Ohhh, another creepy cool creation. This one must’ve already been a mermaid doll.

6. She is so cute!! Her hair is fantastic, and her makeup is on fleek. (I’m not socially retarded!) 

7. This. Is. So. Pretty. 😍

8. The makeup and hair on this doll is literally the best. I love it!

9. Let’s just take a silent moment to thank the creator of this doll. This doll is the definition of perfect. ♡♡♡

10. She just looks so evil… oohh I love it.

11. This used to be a Frankie Stein Monster High doll, but the re-paint totally looks better that the original.

12. I like this Frankie doll better. It’s so perfect. ♡

13. Oh wow, that’s a lot of details! I like this one too. 😉

14. Amazing! I love her earring. ♡

Tell me which one was your favorite! 
Lots Of Love,

Mary Louise