Hey guys! Rachel posted the first prompt for TPPWC, and I completely forgot to post my short story!

Here are the prompts used in her post: 

Prompt #1


My Short Story – TPPWC 

Amanda was old enough to drive now, and she had gotten her first car; a black 1950s Thunderbird. 

That afternoon, she drove towards the Mall, wearing a short red dress with a strap on one side and a big bow on the back.  She was just driving with the radio on, when suddenly, two cars collided in front of her face. The brakes wouldn’t stop her from certain death. She knew all she could do was close her eyes and take a deep breath. 

Amanda lost control of her car and slammed into the accident, that she herself had watched happen with her very own eyes. 

The ambulance turned on its screeching sirens and flashing lights. Though Amanda had supposedly died, she could still hear the wailing sound drifting through the air. 

She slowly opened her eyes, and realized she hadn’t died. She gasped, and reached for her neck. A stabbing pain shot through her as she placed her hand on her shoulder. When she jerked back her hand, she noticed how white her hands were. 

Amanda looked into the shattered rear view mirror, and saw two holes in her neck. She had been bitten by a vampire! 

She quickly looked to see if she still had regular teeth, but saw two sharp fangs replacing her front teeth instead. 

Her car hadn’t been damaged too badly, so she backed up, and drove away as soon as the ambulance arrived. 

When Amanda reached her home, she ran to the front door. The crumbling bricks around her door had been painted over too many times, but she didn’t care. 

She finally unlocked the door, and felt as if home was calling her back.

She ran up to her room and locjed the door behind her. Her room had black walls, and no lights. Though she could open the windows to let light in, she preferred keeping the windows shut at all times. 

Just as she fell asleep in her rickety bed, she heard a knock at the door. Amanda shot straight up out of bed, and answered the door. The ambulance had followed her all the way home! 

“Excuse me M’am, we’re you caught in the collision that happened just this morning?” The lady asked.

“Um..” Amanda thought. “No, I wasn’t.” 

“Oh, sorry to bother you.” The lady replied.

And with that, she walked back to the ambulance, with rain pouring down around her. 

Amanda crept back to her room. 

That would be the last time anyone saw her again. 


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