I’m sorry that I didn’t post the last few days, I’ve been really stressed out recently. From school, to writing my book, to the process of moving; it’s been overwhelming.

Speaking of moving, we found a nice, affordable house with 3 bedrooms, that’s close to shopping districts and restaurants. We wanted it really bad, but there was someone else looking at the house. We were supposed to find out about their answer at 5 pm (Eastern time zone… I’m not sure exactly what time zone I live in), and if they declined, then we would get it. 

I was honestly hoping they decline, because then we would finally be able to move and get out of our crappy apartment. 

But, unfortunately, they liked it and will be moving in within the next month.

Anyways, another thing I forgot to post about: My extravagant day-trip to Savannah, Georgia! (Not really. At all.)

So, I didn’t really get a lot of pictures, but here are some that turned out fine (with captions):

Sitting just the back seat of the tiny rental Nissan we got. 

My brother actually looked up from the game system, lol.

A terrible selfie. 

My sister didn’t want a picture.

Okay, now she wants one. After I put the camera away. Of course. (Also, 1. I don’t think she was ready. And 2. Yes, that is the back of my Dad’s head, lol.)

Driving through Savannah. 

Random houses we rode by. (Except for the first one, and the fourth one. We got out of the car and looked at the building.)

(This house is hiding.)

(There’s a bush/mini tree right in the way of the house. Seriously?!) (PS: I have no freaking clue what is in the front yard. It kind of looks like a… Styrofoam drink cup? Idk.)

(It’s the half of the Joker! (; (Comment if you saw it xD))

And that’s all I got, lol. So when we woke up at freaking 6 am, I rushed around getting last minute things done. When did we leave? Well instead of leaving at 6:30 am, like my Dad suggested, we left at 7:30 am. 

For breakfast, we ate Hardee’s, and I ordered a Smoked Sausage biscuit and hash browns. I know, a heart attack biscuit with a side of heart attack. When I got my biscuit, I realized I didn’t get eggs OR cheese. Why, Hardee’s, why??! Jeez Hardee’s, get your crap together. 

Later on, I was on and off on my tablet. Since Pandora and YouTube wouldn’t work, I spent my time playing solitaire, backgammon, or using my coloring book app. (The app is called Coloring Book For Me, and I totally recommend installing it on a mobile device. The only thing I don’t like are the ads, which will randomly pop up anywhere.)

Later on, when we finally got to Savannah, we rode by houses and drove through neighborhoods. I know, boring. The day went on like that until we ate lunch at Famous Asian. I ordered Sushi (which was amazing btw), and ate leftover pizza from my brother and sister.  

The rest of the day was boring. We only looked at one of the houses we found, so the day was pretty much wasted. 

Later that night, we went to Mellow Mushroom to eat dinner. I guess I picked the wrong shirt to wear, because there were Captain America shields all over the walls, just like the one that was on my shirt! I hope nobody noticed, because I felt ridiculous. Anyways, the food was not very good. I got an Italian hoagie; the bread was flaky, my mayonnaise was disgusting, my salt and vinegar chips didn’t taste right, and my pepperoni was really spicy. And me, being the weenie I am, can’t eat spicy foods. At all. Not even anything a teeny-tiny bit spicy, or I’ll either A: Pass out, or B: Drink so much water I throw up. But, I survived. 

On the way back home, I almost fell asleep. I was so tired, I’m surprised I didn’t fall out.

Well, that’s really all we did all day. If you read through all of this, then thank you. (: 

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