1. I’ve lived in a tiny apartment in South Carolina for 5 years. 

I know, not exciting. At all. 

But, I think that my family and I will soon be moving to Savannah, Georgia. 

Well, it’s exciting for me because I really want to move. 

So on Wednesday, we’re taking a day-trip to Savannah. I’ll try to post about out, and add plenty of pictures. 🙂

2. So, when me and my Mom got hit by a car in the parking lot of a Mall, we were supposed to get the dent in the side of our car fixed. We haven’t yet, but we’re going tomorrow  (Tuesday). While the car is being fixed, we get a rental. I’m not sure what car it will be, but we’re also doing that tomorrow. 
3. Okay, I saved the best for last. 😄

I was eating ice cream in the kitchen the other night, and I heard my Dad telling my Mom about a special surprise her had planned for her. I got up from my chair, and asked him what it was (I hate surprises). He kept going on and on saying things like, “well, I could tell you,” and, “we’ll have to get someone to watch the kids,” which are always annoying to hear.
My Mom started suggesting things. She asked if it was going to eat somewhere nice (like a date night for them), and he said it was better. My Mom then asked if it was going to see Jimmy Buffet in concert, and my Dad insisted that it was even better. (My Mom did not believe him.)

So my Mom and I bugged him until he finally said that I would probably be mad. 

I was already made that he said I would be mad. Seriously, I was. 

So I annoyed him some more. (I’m a very annoying person tbh. 😂)

And then he FINALLY told us that he was taking her to an Andrew McMahon concert!!!!!!!!

If you’ve never heard his songs, go look him up on YouTube RIGHT NOW. Trust me, you’ll love him. 

Of course I was SO MAD, because I love him SO MUCH. So he said that he’d stay home while me and my Mom went. I literally almost had a freaking Panic attack when I heard him say Andrew McMahon. We don’t have to get concert tickets, because my Dad knows a friend who knows a friend who can get us into the concert. 😉 BTW, the concert is on April 17th, so pictures, videos, and details are delayed until then. 

Go listen to his music! 

Here are some songs I recommend listening to first:

  • Fire Escape 
  • Island Radio 
  • Cecillia And The Satellite 
  • Halls 
  • High Dive
  • Maps For the Getaway 
  • Black And White Movies
  • See Her On The Weekend

      He has also been in 2 other bands:

      • Something Corporate 
      • Jack’s Mannequin 

      I don’t really listen to his other bands, but his solo stuff is great. 

      Anyways, go check him out on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, or wherever else you can find music from. 😊