Hey! I’m posting the prologue today!! I’m writing as I go along, so I’ll try to fix any errors. Also, the prologue is going to be on the shorter-side, since it just gets things started. Enjoy! ♡


The cold air brushed Emily’s shoulders as she swept past the empty, abandoned houses. She knew that her pain would soon be over. After reaching the oldest house, she stopped, and stood there for a moment. The air smelled like home. 

As she stepped into the sunken doorway, the overhang fell and barricaded the only way out. She knew in that moment that she’d never get back out. 

The old house was dark, and smelled like peeling paint. The rotting foundation and the decaying wood were starting to collapse. 

She ripped open the wall, and climbed inside. She closed up the opening, and sat down. She grew up here. She smiled, took her last breath, and slowly fell back. 

No one would find her for a very long time. 
And that was okay.