Hey guys! I’m writing a new book!! Check my posts for new chapters. ❤ (:


  1. My book is going to be really long, like a long novel.
  2. The name of my book is going to be “Walls“.
  3. The book is going to be a mix of horror, drama, and mystery, so I would not suggest reading this if you don’t enjoy reading these genres.




Thirteen year old Addison May didn’t want to move in the first place. She had lived in trailers, apartments, and crappy townhouses, but the new house was even worse. From the shriveled flowers, cracked windows, and rotting walls, she knew that she wouldn’t enjoy this move either. But when she’s unpacking her room the next day, she hears whispers coming from the walls…

She tries telling her parents, but they won’t listen. Her teachers think she’s gone mad, her neighbors are completely nuts already, and her best friend is starting to doubt their friendship.

Can Addison find out what’s going on in the walls, or will it find out about her first?


I hope you enjoyed the Summary, tell me what you think in the comments!


Until next time! 😉