I was in the mall yesterday, walking around the music store, searching for anything Melanie Martinez. 

Then, I almost had a heart attack. Why? Because of the song they were playing on the radio:

Alphabet Boy. 

I almost screamed as soon as I heard the intro to the song. My Mom thought I was going to collapse and have a heart attack. 

I wanted to sing along so bad, but if I would’ve started to, the whole country would hear. Plus, I know every word to every song on the Crybaby album.

Of course, I couldn’t start singing, because I do NOT sing in front of people. Not even my family. To me it’s embarrassing, and if I messed up I would die.

And of course, as soon as I finally pulled myself together and left that store (without a MM CD, unfortunately), they played Andrew McMahon. If you’ve never heard his songs, go look him up on YouTube. You’ll love him.

Anyways, after my ‘fangirl moment,’ I walked to Hot Topic, which was across the Mall. 

As soon as we walked in, I saw the glorious sight of everything I wanted in my closet. Then I pushed myself through the narrow path leading to the music t-shirts. 

I found a small collection of Melanie t-shirts and right away knew that’s what I wanted. I searched through the stacks of t-shirts, and found the one that I had to have. The Pity Party print. 

Of course, I didn’t find it in the right size, since the medium was too small, and the extra large was too big. 

So instead of getting the shirt, I got this coloring book:

And these bracelets:

I’m actually wearing the bracelets right now.

(Sorry for the terrible picture)

But, I think I’ll be able to order the t-shirt from the online store, which would mean I’d wear it for the rest of my life. Literally. 

Thank you for reading this, and have an awesome day! 😉

(Also, every picture except the last one is from the Hot Topic website, so any rights go to them. And please ignore my tablet’s low battery, I couldn’t do anything about that. Plus, the pictures were taken at different times, so ignore that too.)