Hey! So, I share a room with my younger brother (Even though he is SO annoying). And I’ve lived in a really, really small apartment for 5 years… With 5 people. 

It’s a nightmare. 

But, I think that we’re moving soon. 

…I think. 

I honestly have no idea. 

Anyways, I have claimed parts of the room to myself, and one of those places is a corner. In this ‘corner,’ I have a shelf.

…Yes, I know it’s messy. But this is literally where I put everything. 

And I also collect tiny useless ‘trinkets’ to put on it. Like these:
1. Monster High Collectible Mini Figure – Toralei Stripe

2. Monster High Collectible Mini Figure – Catrine DeMew

3. Heart Box + Necklace I got on Christmas from my Mom

4. Hot wheels Cars – Power Surge 

5. Tiny Stuffed Puppy (This from an old friend of mine.)

6. Tiny Buddha Snowglobe 

Okay, so the last one literally has nothing to do with religion. Buddha is my nickname (Which is weird, I know), and I got this in my stocking for Christmas. 

Also, the last one follows along into the next topic:

My snowglobe collection. 

I have 9; 8 on this shelf, and the tiny gold one from one of the pictures above. 

Which trinket was your favorite? (I like them all 😉) 

Which snowglobe was your favorite? (I like all those too)
xoxo ♡ ML ♡ xoxo