Hey guys, today I’m going to write about my day today. No, I’m not making up some story to get likes and followers, so get over it. I’m sorry if this turns out really bad, I’m really tired right now and it’s been a long day for me. Also, this is probably going to be really long, sorry. Love you! ✌ 

Okay, so I have to explain. In my family, when me or one of my siblings has a birthday, the other two siblings get small presents too. So for example, if it was my birthday, then my brother and sister would get small presents too. My parents started this ‘tradition’ so that when my brother had a birthday, I wouldn’t feel left out. (This all started when I was like 4 or 5.) 

So anyways, my brother had a birthday on the 16th of February, which means that I would get a small gift. I mean, I’m not saying that I would whine about it if I didn’t get one, but it’s nice to get a small gift sometimes. So I wanted to go to Hot Topic to get something small. Which means that me and my Mom would be going to the Mall. My favorite place, and her least favorite place. But, she agreed to go, so we left to go to the mall. (I know it seems like I’m going on and on about nothing.)

When we got to the mall, we were trying to find a parking place, and as we were driving by a place, the car in it tried to back out. And it hit our car. Thankfully, nobody got hurt. But, we will be paying for the damage with someone else’s insurance, so… yeah. It only scratched their car, but left a big dent in the side of ours. (I would’ve taken pictures, but that wasn’t really possible at the time. Plus my Dad has to help someone he knows move tommorow, which means he will have our car with him, so I can’t take a picture. Oops?)

After me and my Mom sat in the car for a little while, we headed inside to the food court because I was hungry. I got some fries and a water (my Mom didn’t get anything), and then we set off to walk around the mall. 

After we adventured through the whole entire mall, I decided that I was getting my ears pierced. I survived a sort-of car wreck, so I could survive getting holes poked in my ears! Honestly it went really well. I got it done at Claire’s, and the lady there was really sweet and kind. She cleaned my ears with sanitizing wipes (that sounds wierd), and then dabbed little dots on my ears with a pen. She fixed the dots until they were perfect, and then told me she would count to three and then pop the earrings in. It did hurt a tiny, tiny, tiny bit, but it really just felt weird and different. 

Also (for Cheshirethefox!), it really doesn’t hurt getting your ears pierced, it just stings and burns a little. It might hurt a little (it did a little tiny bit for me), but after it’s done it doesn’t hurt at all. 

Here are pictures of my earrings:

(I know that my hair is messy, lol)

I’m sorry about how long that was, it took me a while to write so I hope you liked it. (Yes, this all happened, I did not make it up.)

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xoxo ♡ ML ♡ xoxo