Hey guys! I’m posting another music video today. 🙂
This time, it’s going to be a little different. I’m going to share my favorite singer, Melanie Martinez. If you’ve heard of her or listened to her songs, you’ll know what to expect. If you haven’t, I can explain:

Melanie Martinez auditioned for season 3 of The Voice (a singing competition TV show) in 2012. She didn’t win, but she left the show and started working on her own music. 2 years later, in 2014, her song “Dollhouse” came out. In 2015-2016 another album came out – Crybaby. Melanie has explained that Crybaby is a fictional character she created to tell a story. She says that Crybaby is like the “darker side” of herself. She basically starts out as any young girl – sweet and innocent. But when she realizes she’s being used and her life is a lie, she becomes the opposite.

I heard about Melanie and I looked her up on YouTube. I heard her songs and instantly fell in love. Her songs are a mix of childhood memories and situations currently going on in her life.

This song is called Crybaby, and it’s the first song on her latest album. Each song on the album is in order, so I will post them in the correct order. 🙂

Melanie Martinez – Crybaby

The official video should be posted above. *NOTE*: The video does have some suggestive/offensive themes. Melanie also does use curse words, so if you don’t want to hear them I would not recommend this video.

Below there should be completely clean lyrics, for those who just want to hear the song without any curse words.

Did you like the song? Tell me in the comments!


xoxo ML ❤