It feels like it’s been forever! 😉 I can’t believe I haven’t come online to at least write an update! But, my summer was pretty long…

…Since I have officially started the Sixth Grade on Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool, and, it literally just started today. 🙂 As you should all know, the first day of school is always the easiest. 🙂 What I’m really afraid of what’s coming next in the school year.

Anyways, for my summer, I spent my days away at either home, or the Water Park.                 And the times I stayed at home, I was mostly either playing MovieStarPlanet – My favorite game 🙂 – or I was sick. x.x And I HATE being sick. Hate it. But who doesn’t? :/

And at the Whirlin’ Waters Water Park, I had the greatest times. Almost as much fun as I have at the Fair every year. My favorite part is definitely the Tubular Twisters. They’re humongous water slides that are SO much fun! You enter the slide, go through it, and then splash out into a pool. 😀



Hope you all had an awesome summer!  😀 Tell me about it in the comments! :*