A terrible thing has happened. April 21st, 2016, a legendary icon in music, Prince, has died. 😥 I grew up with his music, my Dad played the videos for me and we watched them. His music is so awesome, but if you look him up, just know, he only went by the name Prince. Just Prince. Although his real name is and always will be, Prince Rogers Nelson.

My favorite songs were Starfish and Coffee, Raspberry Beret, and When Doves Cry. I loved him so much, even though I never really heard all his songs.

When David Bowie died, I almost died too. But now, Prince died too! David Bowie was 69, and Prince was 57. I’m sure a lot of younger kids won’t know who they are, but you should all check them out.        Prince (1958-2016)              David Bowie (1947-2016)



xoxo ML xoxo