April is the time for peace, flowers, and butterflies. More time to relax, rejuvenate, and just feel calm and happy. The colorful flowers and pretty butterflies to sit upon them, you never want to leave your garden!



Recently, I’ve been a little obsessed with the Hibiscus flower. I have a pink Hibiscus, and it’s very pretty.




Some flowers make me feel like I’m in a quiet and peaceful dream. Like this Rainbow Rose. It’s like a rainbow combined with a flower. I could stare at this for hours!




I would say, all in all, I’m obsessed with all flowers, or, more importantly, Spring. To me, nothing is more relaxing than sitting in the sun, feeling the warmth, while staring at colorful flowers. A quiet sanctuary away from my brother and sister would be nice. Not forever, just a little place where I can relax without loud noises or screams and cries from my siblings. That sound very nice. Sometimes, I want to escape them.




I think everyone should get to have some have some alone time, right? I’m around them pretty much all the time, so a break would be like a role in a movie. Also, my sanctuary would have to be away from our neighbors. They mess with all of our gardening tools, flowers, etc. Plus, they don’t leave us alone, ever.




I love Grumpy cat. 🙂




( Still wishing for my sanctuary! xD)