Music is the soul in our bodies, it makes us happy. Music is anything you want it to be. Just one note of it makes you want to cuddle up with it and breathe in the fresh air. Or, you will want to dance and move, though some music is all emotion and you want to cry or scream, or even laugh. I’ve heard it all. I use music to either change my mood, or keep it the same. Every song I’ve ever heard has a feeling or emotion. I have always wondered to myself, ‘ What song should I listen to next? ‘ I also can’t imagine life without my favorite music station, 95.9. It plays my favorite songs, by my favorite artists.

If I had to pick a top ten list of artists I can’t get over, this would be it:

David Bowie

Taylor Swift

Katy Perry

Maroon 5

Lady Gaga

The Airborne Toxic Event

Andy Grammar

Weird Al

Meghan Trainor

Ariana Grande


Everyone likes music, I’m sure of it. They just have to find the right kind that makes them happy. 🙂 A little music in your life will do you good. Any suggestions for a song or artist to check out? I’ll make sure to get to them as soon as possible. 🙂 Any favorite songs or artists? I’d love to hear them. ❤ My top ten list is a little odd, but it’s what I like.



Will you share your top five or top ten favorite songs or artists with me? I’ll read!

❤     xoxo MaryLouise xoxo    ❤