Hi! My name is Mary Louise, and I am 10 years old. I love kittens, and puppies, and rainbows. I have a 7 year old brother, and a 2 year old sister. We also have a dog, who is very annoying, but I love him anyway.

I am in 5th grade, and I am Home-schooled by my Mom.

I love to draw, read, write, and play with my brother, and sister. I also love playing video games or playing board games. When I draw pictures, They are all of either Girls, or animals like dogs or cats. Mostly Mermaids and Fairies.

I love the beach and any pool I can get into. Also the Water Park.

When I write, My stories are almost always about a Fat, White, Fluffy, Talking, Cat named Cheshire, and his owner, Mindy.

I Love going on vacation, On our last vacation we went to Wilmington, North Carolina, over Halloween. We went to an event called trick or treat under the sea, And went to a trunk or treat outside of a church, And went to the fire station for candy. I dressed up as a Vampire. My dress was pink and purple and black. My lips were purple and eyes were dark. My Mom and my sister were witches, and my brother a Ghost Face Scream. I still have a bag of Skittles, two boxes of nerds, and two mushy sticks of Laffy Taffy.

Love, ML